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Second album filed away... and FOUR MORE to come? - January 31, 2012

Well, despite the album's recording being completed, "Pacific Atlantic" is now sleeping for an indeterminate length of time. In its place, I now engage myself in 2012's RPM Challenge ( ) with not one, but FOUR projects I wish to complete by February's end! Care to know more? Check out the Blog section in the left-hand menu. Meanwhile, I got sleep to catch up on before tomorrow morning sees me start the work to do...

Mike V Band debut single released, and played on CBC - December 16, 2011

December saw the completion of the radio mix for the Mike V Band's first single, a toe-tapping ditty by the name of "Xmas Song (Christmas is You Coming Home)". Released in time for the holiday season, the band (which includes me on bass and harmony vocals) was pleased to learn of its inclusion in several CBC Atlantic radio stations' and shows' playlists, amongst them Atlantic Airwaves, Switch, and Island Echoes. Atop this, we also received the support from a handful of community radio stations: thank you to all!

Atop this, we were also pleased to learn the Mike V Band had secured its first performance slot during the 2012 East Coast Music Association (ECMA) week, taking place in Moncton, New Brunswick. The sextet will be taking to the stage of the esteemed Plan B Lounge (winner of Music NB's "Best Music Venue" award in 2011) as part of their Plan B ECMA NoCases. More spots and appearances to follow, stay tuned...

Signs of the third album... before the second?!?!? - March 27, 2011

Normally artists would just say their second album is beginning to show itself online, instead of skipping a number and stating Album #3 is coming (when only Album #1 has been seen so far).

Well, funny thing: eight songs from (or two thirds of) my "Newsound Same" album have appeared online in ROUGHly mastered form (meaning there's still some work to do)... Yet "Graces" (the song I preview on this site as from my next album, and arguably finished yet only mixed roughly as well) is nowhere to be seen.

So what happened? It's easy to understand when it's explained, but let me start at the beginning.

The RPM Challenge ( ) is a yearly initiative originally launched in 2006 by Portsmouth, New Hampshire online magazine The Wire (at ). It has grown from a regional to an international affair, with yours truly amongst those beyond the USA's borders participating as well for the 2011 edition. The Challenge, you ask? To record an album (per the Challenge's criteria, either 10 songs or 35 minutes' worth of music) solely in the month of February, all originals.

The catch? Well, I'd already begun recording Album #2 of 2011 (the one with "Graces" on it) in mid-January, so technically I couldn't use it as my submission for the RPM Challenge. (And NO, I was NOT going to cheat. That would have defeated the whole purpose of the Challenge: to get the juices flowing under pressure.) But I wanted to finish Album #2 before beginning Album #3. And so I kept working on the "Pacific Atlantic" album well within February.

Then February 18th arrived and I realized Album #2 was nowhere near finished. The choice came naturally: put it aside for the time being and record Album #3 furtively.

However, inspiration came quickly. Like a lightning bolt, even. Using only one song I'd previously written (while ditching most of the lyrics as I could only remember a line or two from a page I've long misplaced), and another song whose music and title had (mostly) been in my head for a few weeks, another TEN songs magically appeared forth from my 12-string guitar within two evenings. All were recorded, and by the time the twelfth one showed itself to be an instrumental, that's when I decided I'd composed/recorded enough. Then came the bass, then drums, then the guitar and keyboard overdubs. Lyrics were written as quickly as the music was composed, yet seemed to fit as well as most lyrics I've ever written. Then came near-simultaneous vocal overdubs and mixing. And I was determined: even while ill (for three days in one week), only recording made me feel better. (One song hints at how I was feeling at the time... try to figure out which one.)

By February 27th, though, I still had serious work to do if I still wanted to submit the ten songs I intended to complete by month's end. (At the time, I was considering two songs to be "bonus tracks", though perhaps not the ones you'd expect.) Come February 28th, I was done mixing the seventh song when, on a whim, I cued up all the songs into a playlist to see how long they ran. 31 minutes. And the next one I was about to mix was four minutes long. That's when I realized it may be quite to my favour if I were to only submit 35 minutes' worth instead of 10 songs. I was still fulfilling the Challenge's criteria, and I would get to sleep that night.

The last song was mixed, the whole set hastily compressed, mastered, and burnt to CD several times over for safekeeping and transmission purposes. ... but not before I uploaded every track into my complimentary RPM Challenge MP3 player, which now is also housed on my equally complimentary RPM Challenge personal webpage, at .

The next morning, two copies were sent in two different directions: the New Hampshire offices of The Wire, and one to an affiliate in Newfoundland, Canada. (Polar opposites of North America, one could say, as another combination of continental state and province could not be further apart.)

Still, however, as I own the rights to the recordings, I considered my work yet to be completed. And so recording of the other four tracks (of the twelve in total) was completed, and two were mixed to my satisfaction. The other two? Well, I keep remixing, and remixing, and remixing. Will I be done this week? Heavens, I hope so. We'll see... Then I can probably get back to my good "Graces". Or maybe I should polish off an Album #4 before getting back to that one. After all, it is rather time consuming... even though I feel it's ultimately worth it.

A special thanks to Jordy Jeppesen for clueing me into the RPM Challenge.

The first album, finally mastered and uploaded! - January 16, 2011

15 days after the date I originally wanted it up and available, "Home: A Reflection" has now been mastered and the recordings uploaded to both CDBaby and this website. For my first of my twelve proposed solo recording projects of 2011, I offer a New Age/Contemporary Instrumental musical cycle with tastes of '70s electroacoustic and progressive rock, with the occasional reference to laid-back fusion.

You'll be able to listen to the entire album on this website until the next recording is ready in about a month's time... which is ultimately my goal with all twelve albums. (Well, I'll have to take the twelfth one down after about a month or so as well.) As I've yet to learn exactly how much server space I have on this website, I may have to revise my plans in the future, but for now, there's enough room for one album. And there's always the possibility of MP3 purchase through and its affiliates/connections (at higher bitrate and better sound quality than these streaming files, of course), meaning you can listen to it whenever and wherever, far after it steps off this website. The album cover art ain't fancy, but it's heartfelt, and then again, when you're dealing with a small, square JPEG of an image, you know it's going to be a far cry from the Who's "Tommy", Yes' "Yessongs" or any classic Moody Blues gatefold album cover.

As for my next? I'm working on a homage to Dennis Wilson's infamous gem of an album, "Pacific Ocean Blue": perhaps the best-reputed of all Beach Boys-related solo recordings (apart from, say, Brian Wilson's "SMiLE" and "Reimagines Gershwin" albums). Mind you, already I've noticed I've strayed a little from the path on one or two tracks, but I guess that's okay: would anyone be satisfied with a complete carbon copy of the original? (That's probably why King Crimson's "In the Wake of Poseidon" is spoken of quite less often than its predecessor, "In the Court of the Crimson King": it was still impressive, but just too similar.) And unless I lose wind from all the vocal overdubs I'm planning, this is the project which will be released next. Of course, life is what happens when you're making plans... Still, this is the plan I'm wanting to make.

And so (hopefully), happy listening!

Videos, streaming audio, stories, links... - December 22, 2010

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