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Glen Burg: Home

SIGNS OF A WEBSITE OVERHAUL NOW IMMINENT (I've been busy making music...)

For the time being, you'll find a few old albums and outtakes on here.

True to (dis)order, you'll find a few albums on here, and some more stuff elsewhere on the Internet. (Yes, that'll be addressed in the website update as well.)

From Darkness to Light...

Welcome to a work in progress.

The new website is
already light years beyond
what the former placemaker
used to be, and quite a different entity
from the one which existed
about fifteen years ago.
Now, instead of focusing
on other people's music,
I focus on my own.

Although I've helped friends out with their musical projects over the years (and done a few hidden and not-so-hidden demoes of my own), it wasn't until my collaboration with Kimspirational (on her guided meditational CD, "Yes! Yes! Yes!") that I started developing ideas which would soon form into my first full-length recorded concept. And with the setup of the "Yes! Yes! Yes!" album onto CDBaby came a new possibility: putting out an album solely on iTunes. For little overhead and with little time lost waiting for everything to be set up, one can now distribute music through the most popular digital channels and streams. A far cry from sitting at home and wondering when the big "lucky break" will occur with a major label's call, and much more cost-friendly than printing and shipping 1000 CD copies yourself. This model would help me focus more on THE MUSIC, and would still be available to virtually millions.

And I've put out a few albums since then, all digitally, all while awaiting the big shift which would put my music into the light of the world stage.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. We'll take it one step at a time, and enjoy it along the way.